Young Thug clodrowning for comparing women to Megan thee’s Dog


‘ Some yall h * * * s look like Megan’s dog, ‘ so 28-year-old rapper writes on Instagram Stories, before following it up with a photograph of thee Frenchie’s enemies in a wig.

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Young Thug May need to think twice before making a trolling post. The 28-Year-Old rapper gave Instagram Stories on Wednesday, 1 15 to roast his gender, only to find herself getting trolled back by other social media users instead.

On the image sharing platform, Thug wrote, some yall h * * s look like Megan’s, before he followed it up with a picture of Megan thee Stallion‘s, Thee enemy Frenchie, in a wig. It looks comfortable as its owner held it in what seemed to be a dressing room, as someone was seen in reflecting Megan’s hair mirror.

Some people find their posts funny, but some others are not believing that Thug is not one to talk when it comes to the appearance of others. “He is the identical duo. Whew the contradiction, “one hit back.” What exactly does he think he looks like? “someone asks, while another person says,” He really doesn’t have a position to talk about anyone and their appearance. ” Meanwhile, one writes, “he can look in the mirror at this point.”

Huh? How do you forget how he looks? Why are rappers always coming to women? “An individual rang him. He looks like to me than anyone he talks about, another person expresses his/her loss. Some others, meanwhile,…



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