Why the 13 reasons why is the end with Season 4

13 Reasons why Wrapped up the story from the book it based on in a season. And then it was back for the second season. And 3. And now the fourth season, which will be its final. Why the show goes beyond Hannah Baker (Mr. Katherine LangfordStory? And why is it ending now?

Author Series Brian Yorkey Said the makers “have been boosted by the very conceptual hooks of the book in the first season, of this mystery and in the unfolding of the mysteries, you can delve into the secrets that every teenager holds and the things that affect their lives along the way.” While he was interested in discovering that with a different set of characters, “We have loved these characters and want to know what happened next,” he told Ew.

“Our North Star is always the agitation incident of the entire Series is the death of Hannah and the ice she left behind, and so we want to follow that to its logical conclusion and I think and hope that is what we do in the fourth season.”

The fourth and final season of 13 Reasons why will feature students of the senior class of Liberty High School trying to keep their dangerous secrets buried and faced with “heartbreaking choices that can affect their future permanently,” Netflix said in a press explosion.

Yorkey said the decision to end with the Four seasons came to him in the middle of the season two when they came to a place “where it felt like a four seasons…


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