Watch Ayesha Curry Surprise her kids with a ‘ Rainbowtastic ‘ playroom

In the game of parents, Ayesha Curry and husband Stephen Curry Only scored big time!

To help kick off the 2020 in style, the famous parents decided to surprise their kids with a little makeover inside their house.

How does a brand new sound room play for a brand new year?

In the video posted on Youtube, Ayesha partnered with Pottery Barn Kids and founder Flour Shop There is no To create a play room that is nothing short of “rainbowtastic.”

“This is perfect,” Ayesha shared before confessed to her kids that she knew about the surprises all along. “I lied to you. I knew she was here for the whole time. “

From fake kitchens and play stations to magnet walls and hook books, there is something for everyone in the spacious room. And if you’re wondering if kids like it, their faces can say it all!

“Surprisingly the Curry!” Amirah Share on Instagram. “Create my dream playroom for a very magical @ayeshacurry! But getting to surprise the children is even better!!!!! Love you @ayeshacurry the most EVER!!! @potterybarnkids x @flourshop. “

As an announcement of their appreciation, Ayesha’s children include Riley Curry Wrote gratitude cards for designers that read, “Thank you so much for playing this room you designed for me.”

And spoiler warning: they have not wasted any time playing in the rainbow costume that suits them.

“@Amirahkassem your new collection is…


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