Twitter destroys Vince Vaughn after shaking hands with Donald Trump in the Football Championship

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Journalist and media executive Director Burke Timothy Burke takes to Twitter to share footage of friendly interactions, featuring actors that are deep in conversation with POTUS.

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Ngoc Is risking his career for a handshake. InBrawl in Cell Block 99“Actors are trending on Twitter after he was photographed getting chummy with the president Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at the National Football College playoff championship in New Orleans on Monday, 1 13.

Attending The match between LSU Tigers vs The Clemson Tigers, 49-Year-OLD actors has been seeing clamp Melania with Donald. In the photographs circulating online, “Wedding Crashers” star

Look deep in conversation with POTUS. They even ended their conversation with a friendly handshake before POTUS gave him an affectionate Pat on his hands.

Journalist and Communications executive Director Burke Timothy Burke came to Twitter on Monday night to share a Video Of the friendly interaction, write in the caption, “I’m sorry to share this video with you. All of it is part of it. “Fans quickly replied to it with many of their planned statements to destroy Vince.

“Vince Vaughn was canceled,” one of the fans wrote. A tweeted, “Vince Vaugh [sic]: Explain yourself,” while others say, “… That tells me all I need to know about Vince Vaughn. ”

Vince and Donald’s friendly chat should not be surprising since he is known as a…



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