The future of baby Mama Says The rapper is ‘ Lazy F * * k ‘ in the bedroom


Eliza Reign, who allegedly gave birth to future daughters, has a jab at 36-Year-Old sex power of rapper in a new interview while addressing their public feud.

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FutureMama’s Baby Eliza Dynasty dissed his skills in bed in a new interview. The mothers of the alleged rapper’s daughter claimed she had to do all the work because he was “a lazy f * * k” in bed. When asked about her penis size, she grabbed a spray bottle as a comparison.

Eliza said she met the future in 2012 at the club after she placed him for a gig. She claimed they were messed around in the year and had unprotected sex. When she told him that she was pregnant, he agreed to do a DNA test when the baby was born and paid child support if it was his. However, he was accused of going to M.I.A. when she had contacted him later.

Eliza also addressed the accusation that she had taken the last name Wilburn. “That’s not the case. I already knew him for years. We were f * * king around the year. There is no reason to steal his last name, “she said.” I believe you name your child whatever last name that a father has. ”

The future was resolutely that he was not the father of Eliza’s child. “H * * * stole my last name,” he once said on Instagram Story.

Eliza later joined forces with Human tribe, a mother of the future son of Legend. The two women took their children to check the DNA to see if they were concerned, and they were. “I can confirm anyone it has got @xocindyrenae pregnant too! Issa small…



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