Teen announces 50 Cent of son banged up over relationship with the rapper


Mother of 14-year-old boy, whom ‘ power ‘ star

Once called ‘ his son, ‘ the young men were harshly bullied and were attacked by his classmates after they discovered that he was close to 50 cents.

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A teenager was once said to be 50 CENTHis son was attacked on his connection to rapper. In 2016, the speaker frankly star

Posted on Instagram along with a photograph of him and Davian Fraser, “My life is full of surprises. This boy is DAVIAN my son. He began to cry, I was thinking why you cried I gotta pay for s * * *. Lmao. ”

He has since deleted the article and then explained on the HOT 96.3, “He’s not my biological son, but I consider him to be my son. I just met him and it was interesting because of the way he looked at me and he shook and cried. [That is] all the things I want to reality my older son. ”

Davian’s mother, Myasia Dickerson now claimed that her son was bullied and was in her classmates at Williamsburg Charter High School after they found out that he was close to 50 cents. She told New York Daily News, “it caused a great uproar in school. The kids began to follow my son around, tried to put him on Snapchat, tried to take his videos. They followed him to the train station. ”

Myasia goes on to detail one of the most recent incidents that allegedly took place on Dec. 16 in the stairs during his lunch vacation. “He was attacked from behind as he tried to walk. He was punched in…



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