Summer Walker accused of getting nose job


The ‘ Girls Need love ‘ songstress is trying to present new rose tattoos on her neck, but people have more focus on her nose that, in their opinion, seems different.

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Hsa Summer Walker Has cosmetic surgery on her face? The singer R&B had people wondering if she had gone under the knife to change her face, her nose in particular, after she shared on Instagram on Thursday, May 2 13 some of her new images.

Summer has really tried to show off her new tattoos in the photo. In these pictures, the “Girls Need Love” singers have attacked some laid out in front of the mirror while pointing at the pink ink she got on her neck side. Her nose is noticeable looking thinner than before. “I am loveeee ittt,” she wrote along with the picture, thanks “Black Ink Crew” star

Of Ceaser For writing drawings on his body.

However, instead of the extrusion on his new Tat, the people in the comment section were adding focus to her nose. “OMG did UU get your nose done?!?!” one of the requirements, which one chimed in, “I think I’m the only person who sees that.” Someone commented, “Now it makes sense why she is covering her nose,” as the other one wrote, “Yo nose is not the same.. I love you no matter what, but that’s different right?? Just let me know so I’d be losing my mind thinking I’m stumble lol cuz i know yo face bro. ”

Some people, in the meantime, have expressed their frustration. “WHY THE TASK FORCE YOU GET YO NOSE DONE!!! B * * * h you have perfect AF, “…



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