Rihanna accused of fans cheated with her marketing Lingerie Line


The company’s monthly subscription service Savage x Fenty is called a ‘ scam ‘ in a complaint filed by the challenge watchdog team in advertising (TINA).

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RihannaSavage x Fenty underwear firm has allegedly “marketing scam,” to sign clients up to a monthly subscription service “without explicit” disclosure of all terms and conditions.

Complaints have been filed with the Federal Trade Commission and the California County Attorney’s office for Santa Cruz County by the non-profit watchdog group challenged in advertising (TINA), who allegedly held an organization who attempted to deceive customers by promoting a reduction Prices that can only be used when they sign up for $49.95-a-month VIP subscribers.

“It’s Deceptively promoted discounts and product prices that are only available to consumers who are bound to the corporate membership program without clearly and explicitly revealing this fact in their marketing materials , “TINA stated in his complaint.

According to Watchdog, they discovered that when using the Savage x Fenty online Store, the VIP membership is automatically added when a customer adds something to the shopping cart. However, monthly recurring fees are not included in the total amount and the shopper is only made aware of it in the small print of the site during the checkout process. It is only if they know to remove monthly members from their car that customers can see the normal price of…

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