Ric Ocasek’s widow felt betrayed by being left out of his will


Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova filed the legal texts to look for a part of the husband’s estate at his end after she was ignored from his will between their divorce proceedings.

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Former supermodel Yen Has had its flawed brand from the late husband Ocasekwill be an act of “betrayal.”

The couple is in the midst of divorce proceedings at the time The automobile The death of the head in May 2019, but stars Still living together at their marriage home in New York City, where Porizkova found him dying after a surgical procedure – a discovery she claimed was the “worst moment” of her life.

It was then reported that Ocasek had the intent to amend his will in the weeks leading to his travels from heart disease, acchaving Porizkova having “dropped” him, and it poisoned her funeral process ever since.

“It makes the process of grief really, really hard,” she confessed in an interview about the American CBS Sunday show.

“I would love to be sad and miss him and also not feel this incredible pain and betrayal.”

The pair had ripped over a year before the fall of the musician, but Porizkova – who was 19 when she met Ocasek, then 40, back in 1984 – revealed she wasn’t the one who wanted the divorce, so she continued to live with the singer , the father of two sons, in the hope of maintaining a close relation.

“He was still the man that I loved and that I grew up…



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