Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa left her husband for a woman


Naughty by Anthony’s nature ‘ Treach ‘ Criss refused to allege that he had been abused his ex-wife Pepa and instead claimed he wanted to divorce because she had found him for another woman.

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Hip-hop star

Pepa said that she left her husband Anthony “Treach“Criss years ago because he was abused by himself, but Treach told a different story in a recent interview about”Breakfast Club“. He claimed she had left for another woman.

Treach is a member of the rap group Naughty By nature Suggest the Salt-N-Pepa star

That real name is By Sandra Jacqueline Denton Already on men and women. He said they have a girlfriend when they marry and she left for their girlfriends.

More Treach insisted that he never abused or deceived on Pepa.

Pepa gave birth to the daughter of Treach Egypt in 1998. She married him in the year 1999 at a Kansas City tattoo shop After seven years of on-and-off relations. They were divorced in 2001 as she accused him of physically abusing her.

In her audiobook, she remembers the time when Treach wanted to divorce, “I fell asleep in the arms. The next thing I know, I open my eyes and he is standing on me. He screams, ‘ B * * * h! I want a divorce! ‘ He then grabbed my lap off my fingers and threw it at me with all his possible. ”

“He grabbed me and pulled me out of bed. He started stamping me into the headboard. He picked me up with my throat, suffocation me and he pounded me into the footboard. I felt as if my back was cracked open…



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