Orlando Brown is pounded up and kicked out of the house


The former ‘ It is so Raven ‘ actors look unkempt and struggling to stand on his feet while he is faced and strongly pushed by a man in the video that just goes viral.

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What happened to the Orlando Brown? A video just goes viral, displaying the Disney goatfish in a fight with another man. The former Young actor, now 32, looked Charlie and disoriented as other males actively pushed him.

It’s unclear what exactly puts the man out. Orlando was listening to him, “What’s going on?” but the man seemed too angry to answer him. At one point, the man hit “That’s so Raven” star

And forced him to go out of the house.

Orlando Brown fought drug addiction during the year. He has opened up his struggle with depression on Facebook. In 2018, he entered recovery after an intervention from his family and friends but he only stayed for a week at the facility before returning to the street.

Over the past few years, he has made some outrageous claims, claiming himself as Michael JacksonSon’s in a 2018 interview with Dr. Phil And recently said that Nick Cannon Perform oral sex on him.

Nick initially smiled at Orlando’s comments before he realized it was a serious note. “We need better support systems for our youth and take care of our own,” he said. “I have watched different of the young brothers this video and all I see is a crying out for help. So I do not know if there is any…



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