Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev controversy on their Baby name


The pregnancy star

and ‘ Dancing with the Stars ‘ professional members have disagreed as moms-to-be is reluctant to use his name to kiss as his child’s middle name.

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Retired wrestler Nikki Bella and his fiance Chigvintsev Disagreement about the baby’s middle name.

The 36-Year-Old, who is pregnant with her sister song Bella, revealing that she was “totally surprised” by the news that she and her husband-to-be, old “Dancing with the Stars“Partners Artem Chigvintsev, there is a little on the road.

However, say in their latest section “The Bellas“Podcasts, the couple has just been involved in sharing that although they didn’t decide to name their child yet, they discussed how Russia often used his father’s name for the middle name.

“I will protect my culture and history. You just have to talk about how important it is for kids to experience different cultures and now you totally dissing it, “Artem says, as Nikki asserts she wants instead of focusing on a middle name for TOT.” Why would you want to just create a middle name when the name should be coming from family and previous generations? I think it’s really important. ”

He added, “The problem is if you mix the culture… If (the entire name of a person) stay completely Russian from start to finish, then it flows. ”

“But when you put that, an American name with the last name of a Russian and then a middle name is made up, it’s just…

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