Nikki and Brie Bella Show off their Baby bumps in adorable bikini pics

Bella Twins have their backs no matter what.

On Sunday, Nikki Bella And Bella Has come to social media to share that two people spend more time together and take care of each other between the ongoing epidemic.

In one Long Captions On Instagram, Nikki writes, “in a time where the world is going through a great epidemic being selfless, peaceful, helpful, calming, educating yourself and socially working is so important.”

In addition, she shared a series of her images and videos “Hibernate with girls [she].”¬†As if that wasn’t sweet enough, she also posted a photograph of her for her Beau Chigvinstev A kiss on the cheek.

Her sister Brie, on the other hand, Share selfies Her and her sister show off their growing chicks as they sit by the pool.

“The best thing about having your sister as your next door neighbor is to hibernate together. Catching up on meditation and quality time, “TV figures have practically written.” The search calmly in the midst of chaos. Send love and light to my #BellaArmy. “

For Nikki, making sure she is healthy is her number one priority, especially during this time.

“Being pregnant and having received my first B trimester flu no question about immediately going into hibernation,” she said in her Instagram post. “I think about my child’s safety immediately.”

She also shared that she was “hibernation” in a week or…


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