NBA Youngboy’s ex admits she has miscarriage after faking Birth his child


Participating in Instagram Stories, Kaylyn also has a problem apologized because the baby that she was posted on her social media account is really her brother and not hers.

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Early this year, NBA YoungBoy aka YoungBoy never Broke again Made headlines after a report emerged that he was welcoming two children with two different women. However, it turned out that he was only welcoming one child because of his old, Kaylyn, recently revealed that she did not give birth and that she actually had a miscarriage.

For those who have wondered about the identity of Kaylyn’s baby regularly posted on Instagram Stories, the Mogul confessed that the baby is really her brother and that she simply pretended that the baby was hers. Because of that, she gave an apology for deception who believed she actually gave birth to a child of YB.

She writes via Instagram Stories, “Hey, so although it doesn’t have a business person can hate me. Stop support for me or whatever sort… I lost my child. It was something that I couldn’t accept at all. “Kaylyn then added that she really was pregnant with the rapper’s baby and insisted that she hadn’t lied about it.” I’ve never fake a pregnancy or whatever sort of thing, but it doesn’t need to constantly carry that weight into me, “she said. “I’m sorry to lead astray or confusion about anything. Thank. ”

In a separate post, Kaylyn doubled her apology. “I’m really sorry. I’m taking…



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