Meghan Markle makes secret visits to support women’s rights

Meghan Markle Make a secret visit to justice for Girls in Vancouver this week.

“Yesterday, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle visited to discuss climate justice for the girls and the rights of indigenous peoples,” held tweeted on Wednesday. “Is great to talk about the importance of a holistic approach to social and the power of young women leaders.”

While the paparazzi did not catch Meghan making the visit, Justice for Girls shared A few snapshots Of PrinceMy mom set out and chat with other women.

Meghan keeps her pants cute and multiply for the outing and wears a cozy sweater, dark and boots. She adds a touch of bling to her look by sporting Stud Earrings and a Necklace.

According to its website, Justice for Girls has been established in 1999 and works to address “the specific needs and vulnerabilities of girls, especially in relation to homeless, poverty and violence.”

“We determine the position of our work in the overall project of women’s Equality,” Read sites. “We believe that it is necessary to eliminate violence and poverty in the lives of young women to bring equality. Recognition and resolution of intersect/interlocking forms of the oppression that young women face is fundamental to our work towards ending violence against girls and young women. “

Meghan recently also visited the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center in Vancouver, providing meals, advice, clothes and more for women and children in…


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