Megan thee Stallion Curves G-Eazy in Viral Video


The new surface footage shows the hitmaker ‘ Hot girl Summer ‘ turn down by the unlimited rapper’s trying to kiss her while they were partying together in a nightclub.

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Months after Megan thee Stallion And G-Eazy Already hit with rumors dating, what actually went down between the two rappers has been slowly detecting. The Hot summer Girl was arrested on the camera bent the “I, Myself & I” hitmaker in their club Outing.

In a new video surface, Megan and G-Eazy were partying together in a nightclub. While being surrounded by a variety of Partygoers, both were seen close together with Oakland-born rapper who stood behind Texas native as her song played in the background.

In the never-before-seen clip, Megan turned his head to G-Eazy, apparently talking to him. The 30-Year-Old emcee Then she tried to kiss her when he touched his chin and bent in, but she refused her progress. She went smoothly and leaned before turning her head.

Video to two months after they were discovered home to each other in what seemed to be the same nightclub going to play. At that time, Megan shared a clip of rapper Bay Area kissing her face and neck while they were partying at a Pre-Super Bowl celebration in early February. G-Eazy also posted his image on his Instagram page, sparking a speculation that they were engaged in romance.

However, Megan was then denied the romantic rumors, writes on Twitter,…



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