Lil Fizz and their Fake Split Apryl Jones for Omarion, according to Moniece Slaughter


Proving that ‘ love and hip Hop: Hollywood ‘ stars Still together, the baby Mama of Fizz said, ‘ Kam Facetimes him for the second bed 2 ago, and she was in the background. ‘

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Sunset And Works of Apryl Jones Obviously not splitting just yet. Moniece Slaughter Show in a new interview that “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars is faking their farewell and will still be strong unlike what people have to say.

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The VH1 show claimed that Fizz and Apryl were still dating and even lived together in the same house. “The picture she has been posting her and her daughter with extreme dancers stripper in the background is in Dreux’s (real name of Fizz) home,” she pointed out. “The Video of her sleep on the Christmas floor day and Nia baked cake with her friends was at the House of Dreux as well.”

She continued, “her children were with their fathers this holiday, just as our son was with me. Because they have taken the child out of state to house her mother for Christmas last year. ”

For the reason why Fizz and Apryl are faking divided by them, Moniece accused that it is all because of her custody fights there with her baby’s father Omarion. “She came in and out of court with Omari,” she said. “And one of his rules is Dreux unable to be around his children. They unfollow each other to get the public out of their one * * es. But they will still be strong. ”

Also proves that the division of the two is just a stunt, Moniece recalled…

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