Kylie Jenner’s Hairstylist reacts after she calls him out for ‘ cutting off all her hair ‘


The ‘ Keep Up with Kardashians ‘ star

Her small, long-haired chin breeze through a shared black and white video on Instagram Stories.

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Mr. Kylie Jenner was experiencing an impressive hair makeover. The TV personality and businesswoman are always known for her black medium length hair, but on Thursday night, Feb. 13, she was shocked many by the launch a much shorter ‘ do.

In a black and white video sharing on Instagram Stories, Jenner shows her wet hair with her new chin length. However, judging by the caption of the post, the decision to chop most of her hair was not made by the “Keep up with Kardashians” star

Your. “@jesushair said he gave me a trim and cut all my hair,” she joked to be called out of her hairstylist Jesus Guerrero.

Guerrero did not think he did anything wrong and defended himself in a playful response. Re-Post Her story, he writes, “@kyliejenner’m trying to play me.”

Her super short hair was short lived, though. Hours later, when Kylie organizes Valentine’s Day lunches with some of her friends, she shakes long hair again and even staining it light brown.

During the event, the client was treated to heaping pile of fruits, cheese cakes, crackers and other sweets. She is also gifted with her friends, Of Yris And Village Stassie Karanikolau, some presents along with cute little notes, she wrote them. To Yris, she said, “I love you because you see beauty…



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