Kodak Black shoots his shot with Zendaya, Pen Valentine’s Day of poems for her


The ‘ Zeze ‘ rapper channels inside his poet in prison when he writes a love letter for Spider-Man: Far From Home ‘ actress and threatens to beat on her love screen.

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Kodak Black Tap on Zendaya Coleman From behind bars. The imprisoned Rapper wrote a Valentine’s Day poem for “Spider-Man: Far from home“Actress and then posted it Friday, Feb. 14 on Instagram.

“Zoolin in A Ice Box, frozen in time/But my spirit Valentine/Hope I Made you smile with this poem/I’m thinking bout you all the Way Home,” he wrote before adding, “PS Don’t Make Me Beat Spider Man up.”

The 22-Year-Old Hip-hop star

, who is in prison for federal weapons costs, has ensured celebrity

His love letter was when he tagged the 23-year old Hollywood Starlet on his caption, “@Zendaya (for You).”

Kodak Black before in a relationship with City GirlsYung Miami. In July 2019 when she was pregnant, he recorded a song from prison threatening to punch his belly for allegedly cheating on him, “I bought Yung Miami a ring, she bought a baby 808. When I saw her, I’ma hit that b * * * h in her stomach.

Miami’s boyfriend replied, “Somebody told Kodak, ‘ Suck a d * * k. Get up out of Jail first, p * * * y.” She added her own choice since she pulled the “Zeze” writing lyrics as well, “poor n-Arse * * * A Kodak is not dust s * * t!”

A few days later, Miami was targeted in a drive by shooting. The gun broke out when it was…

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