Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle Biermann admits her old lip filler look ‘ Crazy ‘


The 22-year-old social media personality, who has her dissipated lip filler in the last month, received a doctor re-injected her lips, but made sure that this time ‘ less!

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^ Brielle Biermann has reflected on his old lip filler, after dissolving them in the last month. ‘S Daughter Kim Zolciak-Biermann, who began to get his lips injected at the age of 18, used to love the look of the big lips, but had realized that her old fillers were too much.

The 22-Year-Old revealed that she had brought away, ignoring the advice of friends and family who told her to avoid going too big with her lips. “I didn’t realize how big they were,” she told Poeple. “I’d be like, ‘ Oh, I’ll LA, ‘ and they’re like, ‘ Okay, well maybe we don’t inject the lip over. The head looks good. Let’s do the bottom. ‘ I was like, ‘ F * * k you guys. I’ll do what I want. ”

Brielle stayed with the big lips for several months, until she disbanded her old fillers in the last month. Looking back, she admitted, “I don’t know how crazy it looks. I felt looking back, my lips really looked a little crazy. ”

During the interview, social media personality also opens up on her journey with fillers starting four years ago on a trip to Los Angeles. “I got them injected and dated since I was 18. I flew out to LA in June 2015 and wanted them to do so badly, “she shares.” My mother took me to [celebrity

Cosmetic surgery] Dr. Simon Ourian. ”

Brielle has her lips fillers…



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