Kate Middleton surprises Podcast Host with ‘ very honest answer ‘ on raising children


In her first podcast appearance, the Duchess of Cambridge was frankly about what her childhood part was that she wanted to give her three children.

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Kate Middleton has gotten real on how she grew up her children. In her first podcast appearance, the Duchess of Cambridge surprised to master Giovanna Fletcher with her “very honest answer” when it comes to her mother and whom she draws inspiration for parenting from.

Speaking of Kate’s openness in special episodes of “Happy Mum, Happy Baby”, Giovanna confessed, “I don’t think I expect to hear any of it.” The more selling authors added, “I love to hear my very honest answer, how articulate and intelligent she is about the early years… And how playful, she is also when she is talking about her own children. ”

“It’s a very unique location to be in while raising children…,” Giovanna adds in reference to Kate’s role as a Imperial member. “Its the basis that we all do the same thing, we are all sleeplessness, going through potty training or whatever it is… And I think the lady on the girl really highlights that. ”

In the podcast interview itself, Kate discusses “a few things that really stand out” for her and affect her parenting style. “One is the quality of the relationship,” Prince William’s wife built. “So the moments that you spend with those around you. I remember that from my childhood. ”

“I had a great…



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