Kate Middleton gives a rare glimpse into her parenting style

Kate Middleton Speak frankly about me in an unprecedented new interview on Greetings mom, Happy Baby Podcast.

In what marks her first podcast appearance, her Duchess of Cambridge detailing her parenting and life as a mother to Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Princess Louis. Kate partnered with Greetings mom, Happy Baby Server There is no Promoting her latest initiative focused on childhood development. In the past month, Kate unveils the “Five Great Questions” survey, which asks people across the UK to create conversations around the importance and lasting impact of a person’s first years.

When asked to share aspects from her childhood, she hopes to pass on to her own children, Kate has said this.

“One is the quality of the relationship,” The Royal Palace is shared. “So the moments that you spend with those around you. I remember that from my own childhood. I had a great granny who spent a lot of time with us, playing with us, doing art and crafts and going to the conservatory to do the gardening, and cooking with us, and I tried and combined a lot of the experiences that she Gave us the time to experience that I give to my children now. “

She continued, “There are also environments you spend time in as well: a happy home, a safe environment. As children, we spent a lot of time outside and that’s something I’m really passionate about. I think…


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