Jordyn Woods clears Naked on Valentine photo between Backlash


In photos from Instagram deleted, Kylie Jenner’s old friend is throwing a glamorous look to the camera as she goes to match the birthday in the bath.

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There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s day. In Jordyn Forest‘ The case, she decides to treat her Instagram track to a steamy photograph of herself. But the response she was obviously wasn’t what she was expecting.

Jordyn has come to the photo-sharing platform on Friday, Nov. 2 14 to share a photograph of her stripped down to suit her birthday in a bath. Throwing a glamorous look to the camera, the social media star

Strategically laid her hands to cover the breasts although she remained for her followers a glimpse of her underboob. For her underparts, she had bubbles covering it for her.

Some have been spitting out on their beauty in photographs, but some others are not impressed. “She looks nasty AF! This is not a girl friend! “one said.” DESPERATE and LONELY are the Vibes I get…. Too young to be so lost, “other wrote. There are some who say Jordyn started “doing too much,” with an individual commenting, “she kept doing the most since she split with [Mr. Kylie Jenner].”

“She does too much now. She was never like this with her old friend. Shes just releasing them all, “a different person wrote, while the other repeats,” NAAAAAA! Send her back kardashians cuz I see she’s a Lil more sort of person with them. “Others…



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