January Jones confirms dating Rumors against ‘ bachelors ‘ Alum Nick Viall though hating him


The X-Men: First Class ‘ actress reveals her ‘ she ‘ when reality TV star

Slip into his DMs and accept his date invitation, then declare that he’s just a friend.

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March 1 Jones Finally confirmed dated speculation with By Nick Viall, then reject it. InCrazy Man“alum opens up about her fling with the former”The Bachelor” star

Monday, Jan. 13, episodes of There is no“Chair’s Expert” podcast.

The 42-year-old actress revealed that Nick had reached her after she started “spewing out” him on social media and in interviews when she discussed the actual dating ABC show. “Then Nick slipped into my DMs, and he’s like, ‘ I’m so sorry that my perception of me is so negative. I’d love to take you out of coffee and see if I can change your mind, ‘ “January share.

Revealing her initial reaction, the blond beauty says, “and I squealed! I was like, ‘ Oh, my God. ‘… I was like, ‘ I hate that guy! ‘ “But her sister persuaded her to answerThe Bachelorette“Contestant.” My sister like, ‘ If you do not go, you will forever regret it. So I agreed to go on a date with him – or to drink or anything, “she’s a mind.

The nominated Emmy actress went on to recall their first meeting, “and as I met him, I was rounded corners, and I saw him, and he walked a very distinct walk, and I had this feature to run up to Him and wrap his legs around the waist-you know, like they do? I…



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