I was Quiet for far too long


A 28-year-old woman from Cambridge, Maryland called La’Teasha ‘ Tee ‘ Macer claiming that Roc Nation’s boss was introduced to her mother back in the days by her aunt.

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Jay-Z Room Probably had a mature daughter. A 28-year-old woman named La’Teasha “Tee” Macer recently launched an online campaign in which she claimed to be the first daughter of the founder Roc-A-Fella Records, adding that she has a DNA proof to back up her claims.

Creating a @jayzfirstdaughter dealing with Instagram, the Cambridge woman, Maryland first made the statement about a week ago. “I was quiet so far too long!”, she declared in her first article. “Join me when I tell you my story live in the darkness of Jay-Z’s daughter in a city where everyone knows he is my father!”

Along with a video montage in which she took her case, Tee continues to explain in its caption, “How big up I watched the multiple sclerosis losing her phone number on my mom. Get my ‘ Mom’s fun ‘ that I’ve always known 24-hour bed palsy. But I kept it all together raising the four children – including a twins while going to school full time, working two jobs in prison and hospital.

In the video, Tee compares the photographs of rapper “Holy Grail”. “There is no way he can deny anything, especially when there are people there who know him,” she said in a Voiceover. She also showed “some answers,” she received from her ancestor DNA tests she took. Close up videos, she…



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