How Chris Harrison reacted to see Peter and Hannah’s convo

Think about how you follow Peter Weber and Hannah Brown’s emotional convo eye bachelor, and then imagine if you were really there, watching it in real time, trying to produce a TV show.

That’s how Chris Harrison watched it months ago, when it was filmed in September (25 birthday Hannah Brown).

“It’s riveting. When I am watching it, when we were there, it was not intended. We do not know it will happen, and I always take the signal from the control room. When I was sitting in a control room, and I was looking around – and we all did this for a long time – and we were riveted, and we’re speechless, sometimes we have tears in our eyes , that’s when I know the formula still works and the concept is still active, and we’re up to something, “he told us in a small group of reporters at the ABC Television Critics Association press tour on weekends.

“I looked around the room in the conversation and you might have heard a battery drop,” he continued. “Nobody is saying anything, nobody is talking about what we need to do next. I Twas all just to let this go, stay away, because you can’t write those moments. You can not script it. It is not intended. We do not mean for that to go that way and then it did and it is spectacular. “

While some might argue correctly that the conversation between Hannah and Peter could have completely ruined the rest of the Peter season, it was certainly appealing TV-More…


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