Gianna and Kobe Bryant’s cause die Revealed 4 months after Crash

Gianna And In Kobe BryantThe cause of death is being revealed almost 4-months after they perished in a helicopter accident.

On Friday, May 15th, the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner released the coroner’s report to all the victims who died in the January 26 crash. According to the documents, all passengers die of blunt injuries and the way of death is accidental.

The release of this information is only a few days after La Zobla, a personal Representative for the last pilot Ara Zobayan claimed the death of the victim was causing “full or partial by negligence or fault” of the Plainbill and/or their deceased person.

This controversial statement was made in response to a lawsuit filed by Phuong In February. Her attorney claimed, helicopter Island Express, agent and staff, including Ara, had a “task to use that level of care that a pilot would normally be careful and wise would use in similar or similar circumstances.”

Ara Zobayan has alleged other actions that allegedly caused the helicopter to crash on that Misty day.

As a result, plainbills are looking for unspecified and punishable damages.

Vanessa Bryant/Instagram

At that time, a spokesman for the Island Express helicopter told E! News in a statement, “This is a tragic accident. We will not have comment on…


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