DaBaby reacts as being accused pregnant party chick is pulling on the Internet


The ‘ Suge ‘ rapper broke his silence, taking to Twitter to set up the record straight as the woman who claimed to be his pregnant ex-lover is trolled on the Internet on her look.

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In DaBaby Speak out after a woman comes forward claiming to be his side chick who carries his child. He replied as one of his Twitter followers taunted the woman, going by the name Latoia danet on Instagram, than looking at her and comparing her to a green character an eye from “Monsters, Inc.

The fan posted pictures of Latoia and wrote, “The hottest baby rapper in the game right? [crying] What he done was Mike Wazowski pregnancy [face confusion] I need answers y’all [laughs]. “In response, rapper said that Latoia was not his ex-lover,” [CAP] I never saw Shawty a day in my Life [laughs]. ”

He then said in his message tracker, “Y’all gotta learn to be more sensitive to the ppl feeling on the Internet dawg. I’m cool w/MFs lying on me, it comes with the game. But I hate when lying put me in position that I gotta potentially hurt someone else’s emotions to clear my name. That’s not Playa at all. ”

“Not even on Motivational loudspeakers type S * * t. But y’all gotta keep in mind some people really can’t handle Allat negates s * * t that comes from the CAP [] that is given on the Internet. A MF actually dropped the life behind A * t cow story of a person who was not thinking. ”

He continued, “& I will hate to be out of mind somebody or…



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