Crisis on Infinite Earth: It’s cameo and there’s main Arrowverse Change

Caity Lotz Promises a cameo that everyone will lose their minds over, and the last two episodes of Crisis on Infinite Earths Delivery in the first half hour.

Once we learned how the screen created anti-screen by accidentally opening an anti-cosmic breach, we saw Oliver complete his transformation into the Spectre. Then he goes to the Vanishing point, where the busy paragons lose their minds coming up with ways to try to restore the multiverse, which has been erased altogether.┬áSpectre has all the instructions, although they are very confusing and ambiguous on the first view, and it joins Barry to go into Speedforce. Once Barry gets in there, he finds himself faced with another Flash, one played by By Ezra Miller, AKA the Flash from the DC film universe, who didn’t really get Flash yet!

He didn’t seem to know he was called Flash, but he had a cool fit, though he thought how to look Barry more comfortably. The movie and the universe television was so stinging exclusively so far that this cameo was beyond shock. We leave our body for a moment, just because it is like something not exactly happened. Like a breach opened up where it shouldn’t have been. And so we forgot to take notice at all.

By the time we have our brains back together, Barry has collected the Paragons from various scenes throughout the Speedforce, and Spectre/Oliver has been…


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