Charlize Theron ‘ infuriated ‘ when male actors call MeToo movement ‘ danger ‘


The ‘ Bombshell ‘ actress feels ‘ angry ‘ when she listens to the Hollywood male snare stars Negative talk about the movement #MeToo after the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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^ Charlize Theron Refused to declare movement #MeToo led to an “overcorrection” in how sexual harassment was treated.

The action of strong men for women was a hot topic in Hollywood and beyond because the #MeToo movement was launched after many women were accused By Harvey Weinstein Misconduct, including sexual assault and rape, in 2017. He refused the allegations.

Charlize, the former player presenting Fox News Mr. Megyn Kelly InBombshell“, a film that explores allegations of harassment against the late head of the network Roger Ailes, refusing the #MeToo statement has gone too far, stating that changing their attitudes is the least man can do.

“I mean, listen, I feel like that, on the scene, when you really look at it at 30,000 feet in the sky, what happened to women in the hazardous workplace for years and years, a little over-tuned is the least we can do,” she told the BBC.

Produced on “Bombshell”, which also stars Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman, beginning in May 2017, five months prior to the Weinstein disclosure, and Theron said that it is weird doing a film that was so relevant to the news cycle.

“This conversation is happening in real time, and I think that no film will not have the power that it does,” actress, a victim of early harassment in her career,…



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