Cam’ron announces Suge Knight threatens to Beat him up than money

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Rapper said in an interview that now-detained producer record once faced against him outside a nightclub in Los Angeles because he believes Cam’ron owes him money.

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Cam’ron Once there was a not-so-nice meeting with Suge Knight. Appearing on “Shade 45”, rapper claimed that the record producer was imprisoned once threatening to defeat him since he believed Cam’ron owed him.

Recalling the incident, the Harlem Indigenous said that it happened outside a nightclub in Los Angeles, as Suge told him that he owes him some money because he “used that [Tupac Shakur] beat in your album. That’s my beat. “However, Cam’ron was adamable that the defeat was not Suge, explaining to him that DAZ Dillinger was the man who created the rhythm and allowed him to use it.

But Suge is not budging and still insisting that defeating his is, even went as far as threatening Cam’ron. According to 43 years old, Suge said at the time, “Well, I’ll let you know right now. I f * * k n * * * * s up those who don’t give me money. “Cam’ron added,” So now my man is looking at the flinch [as he is ready to attack.] So I’m like, ‘ Yo, I f * * k n * * * * s up too. What we doin? Something poppin’? ‘ ”

His threat seems to have worked since Suge then said, “You know what, it’s not even big deal, Bruh. We’re all good. All good. ”

“I don’t know him well, and he’s in prison going through whatever he is going through. So I will not try to s * * t on his name…



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