Boosie Badazz denies banged up George Zimmerman at Walmart


The news of him having an altercation with George started as a video of their alleged legs made his way out online, with rapper Baton Rouge accused of arrest on the attacking charge.

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He set the profile straight. Lil Boosie aka Boosie Badazz previously made headlines after a leaked video online, which features the person who was told he was beating up By George Zimmerman. Now, rapper has come to Instagram to address the report, refusing that he is even involved in any physical altercation.

“Aye, the announcement service from Boosie,” Bosie started in his video on Tuesday, 1 14. “I’ve never seen George in my life, but on TV. This is a lie. Let me alone. I have never seen George Zimmerman in my life. George doesn’t know me. ”

“Talkin’ bout I did something with him in Walmart,” he continued. “It’s a lie.”

The hip-hop star

Then used the opportunity to promote his noodles that “fell to Walmart Friday.” Speaking of his noodles, he calls them “the best noodles you’ve ever tasted in the world.”

“Let me alone, I need some time by myself. Let me alone. Leave me alone hell, “he concluded.

The news of him having an altercation with George began earlier that day as a video of their alleged legs made their way out online. According to a report, the brawl went down at a Walmart parking in Miami when the rapper recognized George as “a fat * * n * * * one who killed Trayvon.”

It is continuing to say that George has “reached for…



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