Ari Fletcher is pleasantly surprised with a lavish gift by a, MoneyBagg Yo, his BM no It


Social media star

Take on Instagram Stories to give her online devotees a bag of Chanel and a colorful bouquet that she received from her rapper boyfriend.

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MoneyBagg yo is one of those romantic boyfriends. After the new chain, the rapper has now showered his girlfriend Of Ari Fletcher With romantic gifts in their night, which she documented on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, 1 14.

In a shared video on a photo sharing page, social networks star

Document yourself walking on a ground with flowers being spread around, before revealing a Chanel bag and colorful bouquet on a table. “AW Baby”, she wrote on the clip, following it up with a boomerang video of her boyfriends rapper sitting alongside her. She also gives fans a better look at the flower bouquet.

People are happy for her, but his baby Mama is certainly not among them. Taking his own account as soon as Ari had post, the woman who went by the name Juicy Baby said, “B * * * h you play.” She was not the name in her article, but her post time was more than enough to make people believe that it was directed to the couple.

Juicy Baby appeared with the explosion Ari Fletcher and MoneyBagg yo.

“She’s crazy cuz she doesn’t get Chanel,” a doubt, as one gives her advise, “she Will Self drive crazy! She needs to just block him and Ari on social media before she in the Psych ward never shows them the sweat U. One more comment,…



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