50 Cent left to be restored by wishing Christmas’s


The ‘ Shop Candy ‘ hitmaker lets out a heavy sigh after his youngest son Sire told him that he wants to ‘ shop the whole toy ‘ R ‘ US ‘ as a Christmas gift.

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50 CENT There has been a lot of work to do to make his son’s newest dream come true. With the holidays around the corner, the rapper/actor gave people to know what his son Sire had asked him for Christmas and how costly the present would be.

On Tuesday, December 3, the “Electric” star

/Creator shared a humorous video of his interactions with his youngest son while he was in the car. During a FaceTime call, the 7-year-old boy told his father that he wanted the American ‘ R ‘ toy shop for Christmas.

“I want the whole store of Toys ‘ R ‘ US,” Sire has been heard in the clip. When Fif asks him about what, Sire reiterated what he said, leaving rapper speechless and let out a heavy sigh. He has highly recommended video, “What You want for Christmas, I want THE WHOLE STORE. Ok I have to work harder what f * * k, the entire store. ”

His girlfriend Jamira Haines aka Cuban link found the humorous interaction, leaving some smiley emoticons in the comment section. A Fif encouraged to fulfill his son’s desire, write, “and you better get that whole shop.”

50 cents of net worth are estimated at $30 million this year. Although it was a huge decline from his net worth reported a few years ago, when he estimated a value of about Forbes $150 million, he likely could still afford to buy…



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