50 Cent complaints of French Montana diss at him is the drug’s fuel


The ‘ power ‘ star

Talking about the French allegations that he bought his Hollywood Walk of Fame star

In an interview on the radio, say, ‘ Something is just wrong with him.

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50 CENT Do not show any signs of ending their feud with French Montana Anytime soon. The rapper/actor who has just taken a peach in Morocco star

Following his allegations that he paid for his Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Past month.

Stopped by the Power 105 of “Breakfast Club” on Friday, 2 14, the “Electric” star

/co-Creator was asked if the legal allegations were true. Refusing to declare “Unforgettable” by hitmaker, Fif said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with that kid.”

He continued to share his thoughts on why France said it about him, blaming the alleged use of French drugs. “Something is just wrong with him. That’s the drug. I think it is the drug, getting high and just saying stuff, “in the club Skin” rapper said, before adding, “because he does not have to say anything.”

50 cents was also denied that he punched the French outside of the club in Miami. “I don’t do it,” he said. As for his problem with France and his Bugatti car, Fif claimed that France bought a 2008 car and its useless.

The feud between 50 cents and French Montana started on Instagram before the new year when 50 scoffed in France after the latter showed a Bugatti that he bought to celebrate his release from the hospital. 50 said the car has no value flaunting…



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